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Micro Hydro Power Comes To Turtle Island

Micro Hydro Power Comes To The PreserveMicro Hydro power is clean power produced by falling water in rivers, creeks, and streams. In an attempt to produce electricity in an environmentally sustainable way Eustace Conway has incorporated the help of the Appropriate Technology Program at Appalachian State University. The idea was first conceived of two years ago with the help of Scott Suddreth director of ARISE (Appalachian Regional Initiative for Sustainable Energy).

The dream is to create an educational experience that gives people ideas of how to create energy in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. In 2005, power came to Turtle Island for the first time with the installation of a 900 watt photovoltaic system that creates electricity from the sun's energy.

Now the many people who visit the Island every year will get the chance to see how the water from a common stream can produce electricity also. Hydro electricity is unique in that it produces constant power twenty four hours a day. As opposed to solar energy that produces power for a maximum of 4-5 hours a day.