Turtle Island has numerous workshops to educate the mind and to stimulate the soul.

Traditional Lifestyles Workshop

The next Traditional Lifestyles Weekend Workshop will be held 2019 - stay tuned!

Eustace teaching about horses

Explore traditional tools, techniques and practices of a sustainable historic economy. This time with Eustace Conway's creation of The Turtle Island experience is an adventure in time travel. The workshop, held on Turtle Island's real working farm, abounds with rich Appalachian tradition. 3 hot meals a day, overnight lodging in a cozy 3-walled, wooden platform shelter, use of hand-tools, & materials are all covered in the sliding scale option from $300-325. Limited to 12 adults. (special arrangements can be made for mature teens and family groups)

This will be a spontaneous interaction with crafts and lore that Eustace practices daily. Philosophy and real life anecdotes will weave into the day's pursuit. A small group intimately sharing like this will glean insightful, inspiring involvement with real live cultural engagement and interpretation. Get as involved as you dare or simply watch the intriguing activities that develop.