Woods Woman 101

October 24-25, 2020

Weekend Workshop for aspiring Wild Women 


Grandmother Gaia Illustration

Come on down to the farm away from digital technologies, and cell phones and beeping alarms. Come to the outdoors and place your hands on tools that women were originally masters of ...the hearth and home. Sharpen your knife, build a grand fire, explore the herbs and plants, sing while your hands remember the work of women. Our experienced women-folk will show you the way. From the seasoned grandmother, to the daughter addicted to her cell phone  ...all are welcome! Our primary intention is to empower females with the experience and knowledge of working outdoors, with your hands in harmony and with skill. 


Current cultural trends often steer women away from the chance to get familiar with the tools that shaped our past. Restriction from a chance to use a sharp tool, simply ‘because it is dangerous’ is not a valid point at Turtle Island. We feel that true safety comes with the confidence and familiarity with a tool rather than ignorance of its proper use and care. These weekend workshops help women of all ages and backgrounds get familiar with and experience the reclaiming of “woodsy-ways.”




Preston's Camp at night Overnight lodging is in a pristine open-style, raised-floor cabin. Your home-away-from-home will have 3 walls, tin roof, and a gorgeous stone hearth. You'll lay down a comfy sleeping pad (luxurious air-matresses are welome but not provided) top that with a warm sleeping bag and a favorite pillow from home. You'll be falling asleep to the gentle sounds of our sweet-water creek, and feeling the breeze on your cheeks. The outhouse is only a stone's throw away and we'll show you how to wash up and heat water over the fire... C'mon out and go wild with us!




Date/Time: 10am Saturday October 24 - 5pm Sunday October 25, 2020

Available Spaces: limited to 12 adults (no unchaperoned minors)

Cost: $375 online, $360 by postal mail (hot meals & overnight rustic lodging included)

Cancellations: non-refundable deposit (1/2 of total) is retained for all cancellations

Road Conditions: 1.5 miles off-road gravel - watch the video(link is external)

Location: 8 miles east of Boone, NC - Base camp at Turtle Island Preserve is just 2 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway - Bamboo Gap Exit



How To Register:

Option 1: Pay $375 online w/ credit card using the 'Buy Now' button below - and email these forms to: mail@turtleislandpreserve.com




Option 2: Pay $360 w/ check or money order by Postal Mail - print and enclose these forms to:

Turtle Island Preserve

Attn. Woods-Woman 101 WeekendRogers Cabin - open air wood floor overnight shelter

2683 Little Laurel Road

Boone, NC 28607



After You've Registered:

Driving Directions

What to Bring on overnight stays

CRITICAL Orientation Info