Blacksmithing Workshops

The next blacksmithing weekend will be held in September, 2018

Blacksmithing Workshop Participants


Hands at the forgeOld time traditional techniques and lore will be explored, exemplified, demonstrated, and celebrated during this weekend workshop. You will get lots of hands-on experience. Our professional blacksmiths and teachers will attentively guide you on this 3-day weekend long journey back into our American roots.


Try your hand at making a hook, hoof pick, candle holder, or fire poker. More importantly learn foundational techniques that can enlighten an aspect of our history or guide you into becoming more deeply involved in this empowering trade.



This event is open to a small group of adults only. (Special exceptions can sometimes be made for mature minors who are accompanied by a chaperoning parent.) *All tools and materials provided* This workshop is geared towards beginners but advanced students are also welcome...

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to fire up some new possibilities.



Date/Time: May 18-20, 2018  Arrival 2pm Friday - Departure 5pm Sunday

Available Spaces: limited to 12 adults (no unchaperoned minors)

Cost: $300- $325 sliding scale (hot meals & overnight rustic lodging included)

Cancellations: non-refundable deposit (1/2 of total) is retained for all cancellations

Road Conditions: 1.5 miles off-road gravel - watch the video(link is external)

Location: 8 miles east of Boone, NC - Base camp at Turtle Island Preserve is just 2 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway - Bamboo Gap Exit


How To Register:

Option 1: Pay $325 online w/ credit card using the 'Buy Now' button below - and email these forms to:




Option 2: Pay $300 w/ check or money order by Postal Mail - print and enclose these forms to:

Turtle Island Preserve 

Attn. Blacksmith Workshop 

2683 Little Laurel Road Boone, NC 28607


After You've Registered:


Rogers Cabin - open air wood floor overnight shelter



Driving Directions

What to Bring  

CRUCIAL Orientation Info


Testimonials from participants:

2018 blacksmith student Kevin SmithThe Blacksmith Workshop this past weekend was my second visit to Turtle Island Preserve. My wife and I had visited last year for the spring Families Learning Together event. While that was an awesome day and an incredible introduction to Eustace's vision and passion, this weekend workshop had a different feel. Surrounded by new friends and living and breathing Turtle Island as Eustace intends is life changing. The staff and volunteers were incredibly hospitable and among those I consider new friends. The workshop instructor, Josh Cooper was very knowledgeable and presented the material with expertise and challenge. I've always considered myself as evolving as I advance in age. This past weekend though, has left me indelibly changed. I gained a new and valuable life skill and made friends with incredible human beings. Thank you Eustace, Desere, Josh, Mary, Roger and others who made this life molding event such a success. If you are contemplating partaking one of the incredible events hosted here, if you for any reason are hesitating in deciding to do so, DO IT. You will not be disappointed in the results, I promise you.
My warmest regards,
Kevin W Smith


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The instructors and their instruction was most helpful.  They made it fun, and gave us all plenty of creative freedom to personalize our projects.  It was quite nice getting to meet some of the staff and volunteers as you all contributed to the welcoming culture and inclusive environment.  I was honored when asked by Eustace to ride with him to help out in the outdoor classroom.  That short opportunity to lend a hand and spend a few minutes with him was certainly a perk of getting to participate and seeing the working effort that makes Turtle Island a success.  -Sam D.


The Blacksmith Workshop was awesome!  My brother and I both enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it.  If nothing else, we have the confidence now to get our own forge up and running. We would also be interested in a whole weekend sort of thing. - Mark B.



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