Links to Turtle Island Friends & Resources

Friendship Circle at Turtle Island

  • illustrates both primitive and modern methods in "Teaching the Ways and Means to Survive", by using the resources at hand in the event of an emergency.
  • Prepare Magazine is an abundant resource for developing your own skills Get it FREE here:
  • Small Farmer's Journal - A publishing and farm research company.
  • Open Fire Forge - Experience the wonderful world of openfire cooking.
  • Studio in the Woods is dedicated to preserving the endangered bottomland hardwood forest and providing within it a peaceful retreat where visual, literary, and performing artists and students can work uninterrupted.
  • The Healing Harvest is a sustainable approach to modern forestry and logging using low impact practices and equine power.
  • Scott Temple at Quickbloom Production, LLC.
  • Orion: The Magazine explores an emerging alternative world view. Eustace loves this magazine, about which he says, "Orion Magazine is brilliant! Please support this magazine. There is no better environmental publication. This intellectually stimulating, powerful, deep, diverse publication is very important for us. It is a cutting edge model of excellence that we will benefit from in a profound way. Please give them your support in any way you can."
  • Appalachian Voices is a nonprofit, grassroots organization committed to protecting and restoring the fragile and threatened native ecosystems of the Appalachian Mountains from Alabama to Maine.
  • During the winter of 1995-96 Eustace Conway, his brother Judson Conway and friend Susan Klimkowski also known as "The Long Riders", crossed America in 103 days on horseback. The trio set the world record for the fastest trans-continental crossing. Ira Glass, popular Chicago radio celebrity aired their interview on his popular radio telecast, "This American Life".
  • "Erratic Impact" features thousands of annotated links and resources for students and teachers in the field of Ecology, Environmental Science and Environmental Philosophy.
  • Back Home Magazine contains useful information on sustainable, self-reliant living.
  • Founded in 1923 by Eustace's grandfather, C. Walton "Chief" Johnson, Camp Sequoyah served as a driving force in Eustace's vision for Turtle Island.
  • "Cooking With Wood", an article published in Mother Earth News, written by Eustace, describes in detail the art of using a wood burning cookstove.
  • The world's first international association of Equestrian Explorers.
  • Visit Judson Conway, Eustace's brother and long rider companion at Elk Creek Outfitters, flyfishing guide service.


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