A Weekend with Eustace and Preston

Hog-Killing with Eustace and Preston Eustace Conway and Preston Roberts lead a workshop called “Hog Killing” - As the name reflects we will actually kill a big hog  that Eustace has raised on his farm. Eustace and Preston will teach a comprehensive class on how to kill, stick, scald, scrape, gut, butcher, cook, and salt-cure the meat in our homemade smokehouse. Also taught - will be how to cut and package meat for freezing. 100s of small items will be covered with folk-stories, and cultural perspective from the many years that these 2 elders have raised ad slaughtered hogs together. These two wisdom keepers want to open their home and share the knowledge that they think is so important to keep alive with tradition and vitality for the people.

Preston and Eustace Butchering Hog This is a hands-on workshop for folks that want to go home with the knowledge of how to raise, kill, butcher, cook and preserve a hog. It is for people who want to have an unforgettable, life-changing day with the founders of Turtle Island Preserve, and stars of the Mountain Men tv show. Don’t miss this rare opportunity. All tools, and materials are provided.


Day 2: "Forestry Workshop - Mountain Man Style"

Join Eustace Conway and Preston Roberts as they share a very special day with students taking an introductory workshop on life in a forest. We will cover:


How to manage a forest resourceEustace and Preston in the forest

Tools, Techniques & Safety

Philosophy Ethics & Time Perspective

Economic Perspective

Critical Evaluation

From Horse-Logging to Heavy Equipment, From axes to chainsaws and sawmill, From drawknife to stacking fresh milled lumber to dry, species choices and architectural influences, backwoods primitive perspective to raw survival. This is a hands-on work filled day with 2 rare wisdom-keepers that practice ancient traditions of their mountain ingenuity and sustainability. This is a very rare opportunity to visit one of the finest classrooms in the world and have a magical day under the tutelage of master woodsmen if you want to get back to the land and realize how to efficiently and sustainably build with and use in a  myriad of ways, the forest that abounds with resources, come capture this unforgettable engagement. You will be busting at the seams with new knowledge and inspiration. This is all about the lifestyle; articulately breaking it down from understanding the forest to the tools; how to choose, use and care for them to how to make use of the trees and forest resources from firewood to building. Bring your work clothes, all tools and materials are provided. But you are welcome to bring some of your own if you want.


Eustace and Preston Looking out over woods Teachers: The legendary mentors have lived most of their lives deep in the forest and practiced with articulate finesse these techniques for many decades. As tv stars, they show their story on the hit show Mountain Men. Conway has lived off-grid as a forest person for over 37 years. Both men are consummate teachers with a great passion for their study and for their students.


Weekend Details:

Dates: Will be announced in 2017

* Meals and overnight lodging are NOT included

Cancellations: A non-refundable deposit of 1/2 your total will be retained for all cancellations.

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