Frequently Asked Questions

"Why is it called Turtle Island?"

Our camp is named after the legend shared by countless American Indian Nations - that a great turtle rose up out of the waters after earth was flooded and made the decision to support life's creatures on its back. American Indians call the earth "turtle island" and so we call our tract of land "Turtle Island Preserve" for we are an earth preserve. In the figurative sense, we are an island of wilderness in a sea of over-development and destruction.

"Can I drop in to Turtle Island for a visit?"

Because we are a fully functioning farm, nature preserve, and home to Eustace and others, we can only take visitors by appointment. Plan your visit by contacting us as far in advance as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts and to allow us to adequately prepare for your arrival. Please do not show up unannounced expecting to have a look around. This is a home and private residence - so as you can imagine, unannounced strangers shwoing up expecting a look around can be a big interruption and often will disturb a camp in session. Please do not drop in!

"How Can I find Walk in Beauty - Living Outside?"

Eustace wrote that manual while in college and unfortunately has yet to get it published. We are eagerly looking forward to it being available as there has been a great deal of interest from the public. As soon as the book becomes available, it will be boldly announced on our website. In the meantime, there are several informational and instructional videos available for purchase at Turtle Island. There is a documentary movie made about his life, "Full Circle: a life story of Eustace Conway." as well as a recent documentary "Reconvergence" by Mobius Films. All available on our store.

"Why is there a Father/Son Camp, but no official: Mother/Daughter, Father/Daughter or Mother/Son Camps?"

Turtle Island actually holds any camp you want when you have a group of 12 or more people come and stay for 72 hours or more.  Father/Son camp is our most requested alternative to FAMILY CAMP - which coveres all facsimilie of family relations. Due to the variety and divirsity in summer schedules that we encounter, the official FAMILY CAMP happens in early August and Father/Son camp happens in June to accommodate as many folks as possible. Please give us a call for a custom camp for your individual group of 12 or more folks.

"Can I bring my dog when I visit?"

Turtle Island is home to abundant wildlife & domestic livestock, as well as 5 pet dogs. To avoid disturbances (even if your pet is well-behaved) we kindly ask that you leave Fido at home or with a friend. If there is absolutely no way that you can come without your K9 companion, special arrangements will need to be made. Please call ahead and wait for a confirmation return call from a Turtle Island staff member who will direct you. Any dog on the preserve needs to be leashed and under the control of its owner at all times.

"What does Eustace do for a living?"

I live for a living!