Forestry School with Eustace

The Next Hands-On Forestry Workshop will be held in 2020 - Stay Tuned!


Eustace with saw in the forest Eustace Conway shares his lifetime of forestry experience in a Hands-on workshop at Turtle Island Preserve. This interactive skills and philosophy class is a rare chance to learn basic skills needed to harvest forest materials and process them to benefit sustainable homestead living and resource management, all with master woodsman Conway himself. Eustace and assistant Raleigh Avery will introduce and teach skills such as seeing and understanding what the forest has to offer, even if it is in the context of a suburban back yard, and how to sustainably utilize resources at hand. 



The basic intention of this workshop is to share skills with a hands-on approach, interwoven with philosophy to leave participants personally empowered on a new level to understand and manage the wonderful, diverse resources of the forest; or the traumatic, unintended blow downs that come from storm damage. The goal is that this new sense of empowerment will give more confidence and freedom to harvest and interact with the trees and forest resources on a daily, or just occasional level.



The philosophical component of the workshop will be shared through stories and anecdotes of Eustace’s personal daily life in the forest managing hundreds of acres of timber and building a viable homesteading farm. He personally pioneered the educational camp that is hosting the workshop from a dense, roadless forest - to an agricultural paradise, building the many structures with logs and boards harvested by hand from the land.




Hands-on Forestry is a must for anyone thinking about interacting with trees and forest resources. Be ready to put your hands on this workshop activity! This is not a “by-stander just talk about it” class. The class will be held in the base camp and forests of Turtle Island Preserve - a breath-taking beauty of quintessential southern Appalachia. The setting is stunning, the teaching is passionate, and the opportunities broad; don’t miss this first ever Hands-on Forestry class with Eustace Conway. 




Workshop content covered but not limited to:

How to:

…cut down trees, controlling the fall, keeping it safe,

…judge making the best use of a tree once it is down,

…deal with a storm damaged unexpected fallen down tree,

…limb-up a tree and dissect into its highest use/purpose,

…manage the many limbs and “waste products” when taking down trees

…cut out saw-logs to make log cabins or sawmill lumber,

…make firewood cuts efficiently and safely,

…split firewood: with ax, wedges and sledge hammer and hydraulic splitter,

…stack, dry and manage firewood for seasoned use,

…start and use a chainsaw safely,

…clear land or thin a lot for building or other use,

…gather building materials directly from the land.


Testimonials From Participants:


"Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend at the Forestry Workshop. Ya'll are very professional and the teachers were patient and passionate. Your operation is a model that should be held up to the world."  With Kind Regards, Chad Carlson (Atlanta, GA)



Date/Time:   Arrival 8am Saturday - Departure 5pm Sunday

Available Spaces: limited to 12 adults (work trade available for experienced laborers)

Cost: $120 for 1 day or $200 for both days (meals & lodging included in 2-day price) 

Cancellations: non-refundable deposit (1/2 of total) is retained for all cancellations

Road Conditions: 1.5 miles off-road gravel - watch the video

Location: 8 miles east of Boone, NC - Base camp at Turtle Island Preserve is just 2 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway - Bamboo Gap Exit

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How To Register:

Print and complete the Workshop Registration Form, mail in with your full payment and completed 2-sided Medical/Liability Form to:

Turtle Island Preserve
Attn. Forestry School
2683 Little Laurel Road
Boone, NC 28607

After You've Registered:

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