Fire Craft Weekend

The next Fire Craft Weekend will be held March 17-18, 2018

Blowing a coal to life in a tinder bundle

Details: Just as with any wildcrafted trade, the art of making fire from the landscape requires a tactful awareness of one's surroundings - of which types of trees make the best kindling and where those trees like to grow, which types of bark make the best tinder, which fungus or seed fluff to add to my tinder to ensure my fire will light? The journey is truly endless in how one's knowledge of fire can introduce you to so many new elements in the landscape. This class is two full days of focus, on all the accoutrements that make for a successful wildcrafted fire. We will cover everything from fire making, fire building, making fire by friction, tending fire, types of wood, several different open fire cooking techniques, tinders, coal extenders, torches, and more! This is an opportunity to step into a whole new confidence in your fire skills, as well as to see the woods with new eyes - the ultimate convenience store of fire materials. Come gather round the fire at Turtle Island - the real heart of our village.

Please bring a sharp knife and a notebook. (the remaining list of what to bring is listed below)


Date/times: Arrival 10am Saturday - Departure 4pm Sunday

Location: 8 miles east of Boone, NC - the awe-inspiring base camp at Turtle Island Preserve is just 2 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway - Bamboo Gap Exit

Cost: $200 per person (Meals & lodging included in this one low fee!) Final payment due 2 weeks prior to arrival

Cancellations: A non-refundable deposit of 1/2 your total will be retained for all cancellations.

Road Conditions: watch the video(link is externalof our actual gravel driveway

Spaces are limited - send an email to get more info

How To Register:

Print and complete the Workshop Registration Form, (write FIRE CRAFT into the "Other" category & mail in with your full $200 payment and completed 2-sided Medical/Liability Form to:

Turtle Island Preserve
Attn. Fire Craft Weekend
2683 Little Laurel Road
Boone, NC 28607  Bow Drill Friction Fire w/ David Haas

Attention Visitors - Please Note:

WARNING: Under North Carolina Law, A Farm Animal Activity Sponsor Or Farm Animal Professional Is Not Liable For An Injury To Or The Death Of A Participant In Farm Animal Activities Resulting Exclusively From The Inherent Risks Of Farm Animal Activities. Chapter 99E Of The North Carolina General Statutes.

WARNING: Under North Carolina Law, There Is No Liability For An Injury To Or Death Of A Participant In An Agritourism Activity Conducted At This Agritourism Location If Such Injury Or Death Results From The Inherent Risks Of The Agritourism Activity. Inherent Risks Of Agritourism Activities Include, Among Others, Risks Of Injury Inherent To Land, Equipment, And Animals, As Well As The Potential For You To Act In A Negligent Manner That May Contribute To Your Injury Or Death. You Are Assuming The Risk Of Participating In This Agritourism Activity.

Important Liability Waiver - Read before entering: Please be aware that Turtle Island Preserve is NOT LIABLE for your safety, health or any impairment of it. Enter at your own risk. Your presence represents your acknowledgement that you accept full liability for any damage to your person or property. This applies to everyone on the property or associated with Turtle Island Preserve.

After You've Registered:

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