Father/Son Camp

Father/Son 2021 will be held June 18-20, 2021

 We are now accepting Applications for 2021

Make sure to Snail mail THIS FORM along w application


Specific details about what to expect can be found HERE

Father and Son Camp at Turtle Island Preserve is held annually over Father's Day Weekend. It is an unusual opportunity in a profoundly unique place. It is a long weekend for father, sons, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins and friends to stop the rapid pace of life for a few days to camp out on the only Appalachian Heritage farm of its kind.  Together in the time-tested tradition of our ancestors, men and their young boys take time to reconnect together with their natural roots.


The camp begins with an introduction to the community at Turtle Island. An orientation to the campus includes meeting our domestic animals and getting acquainted with our traditional and historic facilities like barns, outhouses, composting areas, blacksmith forge, wood working center and playground. You will tour the handmade barns and agricultural structures, see the horse drawn carriages, mowers and wagons, smell the natural foods cooking over the open fire, taste and see the delights coming up in our gardens and get familiar with the wild edibles and medicinal plants found naturally occurring around the farm.

Family groups camp out in Adirondack huts, tipis and/or creatively hand-crafted natural shelters. Informative, hands-on classes are taught each morning and afternoon by the Turtle island residents and knowledgeable naturalists.  Three hot meals each day are provided in our outdoor camp kitchen – Nacho Mamma’s Café. Our beautiful crystal clear creeks provide a refreshing chance to cool off and clean up, while evening programs such as guided night-walks or stories & music around the campfire conclude our days.

We begin each day anew at the top of Morning-Watch Hill in reverent silence, and have fun and adventure while away from modern appliances and gadgets, and wires and “signals”. For many it is a rare chance to be apart from the wasteful, complacent, over-consumptive, destructive modern “norm.” At Turtle Island, visitors experience the first internet… They get personally involved in the web – of life.

Taking time to listen, look and feel, the learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth occur on an exponential scale during 3 short days. Young boys walk away feeling excited and empowered after being trusted to handle a blade, a blacksmith hammer, a fire of their own design. Fathers walk away feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed in the rare chance to be with their son in the sanctuary of wilderness, humbly together finding the secrets of nature and what wisdom it has to share. Father’s often find a new pride in their boy’s  courage, confidence, and capability that their son displays here, and the boys greatly benefit from the role modeling and passing rite of being among capable men.


We encourage all fathers, and all sons from all walks, traditions, cultures, philosophy and families to explore themselves while in the gentle hands of this one-of-a-kind discovery center. Spaces are limited. To inquire further or receive an application, please contact the Turtle Island office at the number above.

Once you have submitted your application and deposit, please print and review these important documents:


What to Bring

*All visitors are required to completely fill out, date and sign this medical/liability waiver in pen, in hard copy, prior to arrival by postal mail.