Update on Rogers Cabin!!!

Having a vision, setting a goal! Its all happening at Turtle Island Preserve. Last year we held a booster t-shirt fundraising campaign and raised almost $5000 to be able to create an authentic dry-stack stone chimney for the Rogers cabin. We started the project and made a lot of progress. Halfway up the chimney though, we ran out of those funds. Now, way past our budget we're hopeful to be able to complete the project leaving behind a legacy for many more future generations to enjoy. 


Here's are two recent short videos so you can see how far weve come: 




Starting on January 27th and ending on February 15 - we are offering T-shirts for $20, each person who buys a shirt will be supporting the continuation of the chimney. We thank everyone who has and will participate! 

Here's where you can buy a shirt or make a donation: 




Love it!

We stopped to look at the progress at the cabin and Amy was very impressed. I will be getting her a t-shirt for her birthday next week. Thanks again for the firewood. Raleigh is having fun busting it up. See you soon.

It is amazing to see how much work is being done on Turtle Island. It is such a beautiful place, from what I have seen on the videos. I hope to be able to visit soon. Praying for the continued success of your endeavor, and thank you so much for sharing it with the world. If we forget from wence we came, we will fail the future! Our little family is working on a much smaller piece of land, but nothing inspires me more than knowing many seek a simpler life.

Is there a tracking number for the tshirts?
Want to check when it is coming.

I personally stayed in this cabin for ten days not only is it a engineering marvel its also the warmest fireplace I have ever been in front of in sixty years, Eustis came up with the design, well worth the effort its worth the trip just to see this cabin so be sure to let Eustis know you would like to see it he will be glad to show it off tell him I sent you!!!

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