Scout Retreats

Scouts in uniform Unique learning opportunities abound for Scouting Adventures at Turtle Island. It’s a chance for bonding deeply with your group in a beautiful mountain setting. Scout excursions always give us the pleasure of celebrating our mountain heritage together. We offer high-quality, profoundly impacting day trips & extended overnight stays for both boy and girl scouting groups of all ages. Our exceptional staff guide visitors in countless outdoor adventures that we custom-fit to each group’s individual needs and interests.


We require a minimum of 12 participants in each program. We can and happily do accommodate groups of 100+. Turtle Island is a perfect site for a Camporee. Woven into the fabric of every engagement with each group is a deeper, far-reaching life-lesson.



 Learning knots and roping techniquesThese most important, interconnected, foundational life lesson themes, are transferable beyond the fun activities. Basically we have a lot of fun exploring the traits that created the strength of character that defined our ancestors, which are abjectly absent in today’s modern culture. We use our living heritage farm as well as the surrounding forests and streams to accompany and enhance lessons, allowing scouts to make hands-on, living connections. Be it, team-building initiatives, service learning, work in the field or natural history lessons, Turtle Island is available for you.


Scouts learn to edge their blades We can and do make a difference like no one else can. Come take a walk on the wild side to see and believe the profound personal growth impact and transformation that will happen in even a short visit!


 How to Register:


Click here for the printable flyer.

Please contact the Turtle Island office directly to discuss your troop, pack or group, at (828) 265-2267

Rates and activities range, depending on your age group, group size, length of stay and climate during visit.


Once your group is booked, please print and review these important documents:

What to Bring

Expectations of Adult Chaperones

Overnight Camp Orientation


*All visitors are required to completely fill out, date and sign this medical/liability waiver in pen, in hard copy, prior to arrival by postal mail.