Farewell to beloved volunteer & friend: Allan Rowe

Allan Rowe - a great volunteer and camp medicTurtle Island lost a beloved volunteer and dear friend recently. If you knew him even for only a few minutes, you know Allan Rowe was a wonderful and caring friend and supporter of Turtle Island Preserve. You can read more about his life, and death here:  http://rowefuneralhome.net/book-of-memories/1001026/Rowe-Allan/service-d...

Allan giving first aid at campAllan contributed to Turtle Island in many, many ways. If you were a summer camper in 2014, he was there as a medic and teacher giving first aid, lessons, encouragement and comfort to many. There was no limit to Allan's expertise. From driving big trucks, to managing fire, to creative problem-solving and inventing... Allan was there for us. To this day, his mark is indelibly left throughout camp. Though he lost his valiant battle with cancer, Allan's life and involvement with the preserve was a series of great triumphs. He will always be here in our thoughts and memories and we are ever-grateful for the short times we had together.

Eustace and Allan meet Miss South CarolinaIn 2014 Allan joined Eustace and Desere on a tour throughout South Carolina. At the Palmetto Senior Show, Allan was delighted to get to meet Miss South Carolina, and talk with hundreds of visitors to the Turtle Island Preserve booth. He enjoyed attending a few speaking engagements with Eustace and visiting historical sites in and around Charleston, SC - including an overnight stay with the Fun Family. Allan was an unforgettable, bright, caring and devoted individual. He will always be aflame in our hearts and memories.



Rest In Peace, may you forever be on the right hand side of God.

Rest In Peace, may you forever be on the right hand side of God.

It's people like Allan that has made turtle island such a magical and memorable place to be enjoyed by all young and old may the lord enjoy your company and helpful hand as much as we have until we meet again

So many peoples on this earth put very few like Allan and he will be remember and may I=he R.I.P sad to see a gentlemen so young leave us

what happened to him???? he was such a happy and humane person...why the good guys have to go????

Allan introduced himself or vice versa on Turtle Island several years ago and within minutes he was brainstorming how to rig a long haul truck, a mobile intentional carnival that he firmly believed would add to world peace.

It did and we will do our utmost to carry forward his spirit and ingenuity.

My name is Curt and I would like to say Thank You to all the staff and volunteers at Turtle Island Preserve for taking me back in time. I participated in an awesome three day Blacksmithing Class. It was truly a wonderful and gratifying experience. I meet people from all over and some of the locals from the area. You get to step back in time and eat sleep and work and live like I believe now life was supposed to be lived. No modern gizmos and gadgets that we all love and missed a little. But working with your hands, eating together, face to face and group talking, learning new things and sleeping in the woods with the sounds of the river roaring was probably the most relaxing and in tuned with life you can get. It was a hard way of life back then but at the same time it was amazing and gratifying.
Thanks Again
Curt Witt

God speed. And thank u Eustace for what you have achieved.

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