One camper's account of a lesson learned at camp

 We are deeply honored to share this recent account from one of the boys who grew up in our camp - carrying on traditions he learned while attending programs at Turtle Island Preserve...

I shot my first deer last week. I and some buddy's went to the country where deer are abundant. The first night we only saw some small deer. One of my friends dropped a pig that night and I remembered what Preston and Eustace taught me at camp so I cleaned and got the pig in the cooler within the hour of her death. The next morning I was in the stand at 5:30am. It was 37 degrees outside with a slight breeze to my back. I saw my fist deer at 6am - a large doe. Then a few more small bucks came through. Then, 115 yards away a big buck came out. I saw him at 7am. Through my scope I could only see 6 points but he was huge so I decided to take him. I had my 30-30 and at 115 yards I felt like if I did a lung shot there wouldn't be a big hole for blood to track so I decided to do a neck shot to sever his spine. I had sighted in my gun at the beginning of the season and felt confident with my shooting ability - so I just waited for the opportunity. For 15 minutes I waited for him to show his neck. Finally another deer ran in the woods and he moved broadside. I counted my breaths then took the shot. Through the muzzle flash and smoke I couldn't see anything and it was too far to really tell if he ran or not so I got back on my scope and saw that he had dropped right where I shot him. After letting him sit for a little I got out of my stand and went to see him. He was a 180 pound 8 point, I gave my thanks for his life and grabbed the knife that Preston gave me to cut the hole for the tag. That weekend we each harvested large deer and now all our freezers are full. I figured I would share this since a lot of why I was able to get this deer is from Turtle Island teaching me the way of the woods and then being able to be patient and stay focused. The whole time I felt confident in what I was doing because of what I learned from you. - River Fun (summer camp attendee)


It is nice to see a hunt centered on harvest instead of trophies. Giving thanks for his life is an honorable act.

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