Turtle Island Camper stands with Standing Rock

I'm wanting to share awareness of the horrific treatment, pain, and suffering due to repeated government attacks on unarmed American citizens gathered for a prayer meeting to bring consciousness to environmental water quality and indigenous rights.This week over 400 people were wounded when our government opened fire on an unarmed crowd gathered for peaceful prayer.

One young white girl who had come to support the native prayer circle lost most of her arm in the attack from the direct hit of a grenade launched by our government into the unarmed peaceful crowd. In below-freezing temperatures the government fired water cannons directly on the peaceful unarmed elders, women and children, trapped in hypothermic conditions, blasting their skin right off their hands, face and scalp, cutting to the bone.


We at Turtle Island, (named after the Native American legend about the turtle choosing to support the earth, taking on that great burden) - have always taught about environmental stewardship, respecting indigenous values that honor the earth and elders. One of our summer campers from Charleston, SC – River Fun, has gone out to North Dakota to stand in solidarity with the consciousness-raising natives. He has come to our educational camp for seven years and feels heavily- compelled to support water quality and justice for human rights and freedom.


River volunteered to drive a group to the grandmothers prayer walk. In the middle of their prayer service, the National Guard and 53 police vehicles pulled up and stopped their ceremony. He told me that one government agent pointed his Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun towards his left temple, while others on the right side, pointed an M-16 - demanding that he get out of there immediately. As they repeatedly yelled loudly at him to MOVE, he calmly pointed out that one of the armored vehicles brought in by the National Guard, (w/ mounted 50 calibur semi-auto gun trained on him and his van full of unarmed elders and children) had blocked him in. River is calm and level-headed for a 16 year old. Somehow he managed to back out of the attack but not before several people from the prayer ceremony were ripped out of their vehicles and arrested.


Some of the government employees have quit their jobs because they have had to (required by their superiors) repeatedly beat down to the ground, unarmed elders with physical violence. But many more who are "just doing their job" continue to beat, assault, mutilate, poison with tear gas, and mace grenades and fire upon elders, women and children, as well as the men who are gathered unarmed in peaceful solidarity - praying for water quality and treaty rights.


It seems that perhaps the question of human rights should be raised at this point. The hundreds of rounds of rubber bullets, which are painful, blinding, and potentially lethal, being shot at hundreds of peaceful, prayerful, unarmed US citizens, make me wonder what is going on?


River, our camper from Turtle Island says the government is able to scramble many of the communications coming out of the primitive tipi camp there at Standing Rock Reservation, ND where the people are gathered. He says that outside of the limited social media that his group can put out, the larger media outlets of our country for some reason, are hiding the repeated government attacks.

Example (language warning) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bzIwghxcLk


I could stand by no longer without at least drawing your attention to the egregious attacks from our government on peaceful unarmed citizens who care enough to put their lives on the line and give up comfort and food to stand for water quality while the rest of us sit in a comfortable building to celebrate Thanksgiving. River said tipis were bulldozed over, disrespectfully destroying the homes of the people that would give them a little bit of comfort this Thanksgiving on the wind-swept plains. So now these homeless people can't even get out of the wind.


Please pray for these peaceful heros and heroines and ask that every government employee who is commanded to shoot, beat, mutilate and poison people, will walk away from their job, realizing that human rights and their own dignity is worth more than their paycheck and following absurd, unjust leadership.


Raise your consciousness by following and supporting Native Americans and those that care about water quality, environmental stewardship and human rights, on social media - due to the extremely limited coverage of mainstream media outlets. Whatever the government thinks it is protecting, it is clear that our governmental armed forces are not protecting people or freedom.


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Awesome !! Thanks for this !

Awesome. This is what happens when unarmed people take a stand against the gov. They get attacked for no other reason than wanting to preserve their clean drinking water that their families have probably used for hundreds of years.

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