Corporate Work Retreats at Turtle Island

Recently, we hosted a Corporate Work Retreat for the Accounting Department at York Properties in Raleigh, NC. For peidmont folks who typically spend most days in clean trousers, sitting at a desk, gazing into a screen – this was a walk on the wild side to say the least.


Autumn Appalachia mountain weather did not disappoint! It was sunny, breezy, and warm as we toured the farm, studied the hand-hewn architecture, and harvested delicious treats from the garden. The accounting team took to building fires and cooking food from scratch as we ended the day with a tasty gourmet hand-crafted meal in the great outdoors.


Our thanks goes out to Kris who set it all up and led the charge for her wonderful team: Flora, June, Heather, Frank, Rachel, Ryan, Michelle & Tracy!

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