All-Star Weekend 2019

We wanted to wrap up the 2019 camp season with a bang! Before the weather gets too cold, before rifle season opens up, and before a certain wiley film crew shows back up for a possible 9th season of winter fun we've crafted a really great weekend for our visitors! “An Evening with Eustace Conway” – came about when we realized we already had three well-known tv personalities teaching on-site the first weekend in November. With Robby from Forged in Fire teaching knife-making, Luke from Naked and Afraid leading hide-tanning, and Spencer from Hillbilly Blood teaching fire-craft…we thought: This is too dang special of an occasion not to celebrate! At the same time some wonderful musicians came along and asked if they could share their live music that weekend too! By that point we figured we’d make a big deal out of the whole thing! This ALL-STAR Weekend is just the way to wrap up a great year.

We hope you can join us. Each of the four events are detailed at the following links, and each event includes "An Evening With Eustace" :

FIRE with Spencer:

HIDES with Luke:

KNIVES with Robby:

EVENING with Eustace:

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