Eustace's thoughts on Preston...

Thank you to everyone expressing support as I try to survive losing my best friend of 35 years. Preston’s constant loyal support and inspiration was the best thing I ever had in my life. His kindness and humble talent were unsurpassed. Because Preston was such a giving, supportive person he helped many thousands of students and friends, always improving their life. 

When Preston unexpectedly died of just-detected liver cancer he was already financially challenged; He had put off working on his own leaking roof, to make time to help so many others - Truly a testament of extending himself out to support his community in so many ways. I have never met a more genuine person and I have never, ever witnessed a man love his wife more generously and completely and committedly than Preston loved Kathleen. Thanks to all who have responded in honor of Preston by sending money to Kathleen as she adjusts to the loss of her husband, with no income. So many kind people have donated 5, 10 or $20 through this site:– that it has added up to quite a wonderful honoring, representing all of our love and appreciation for Preston and his life of making this world and our lives better. We have already used some of the donated money to fix the leaking roof on their house. He was so dedicated to helping many others that he never got his own house fixed. Thanks to the roofers who put the metal on and the friends and fans who donated to make it possible.

Kathleen is to tears in appreciation. Preston recently helped nurse her back to good health from stage 4 cancer herself.. I could write a book on the astonishing merits of Preston James Roberts. Most of his tv fans don’t even know the tip of the iceberg. Yet, they sense how important his message is. 

Preston was one of the most manly men I ever met. I would want him at my back in the most fierce fight, yet I want to leave you with a rare and intimate photograph of Preston half-naked in winter, wearing a pink tutu trying to bring a smile to the face of his beloved wife Kathleen as she was battling her own cancer. His plan worked! She smiled, and made it. Preston’s love for Kathleen and good work knew no boundaries. If we could encourage and instill in our youth of today to be even a little bit more like Preston, our world would be a much better place. I'm reminded of the quote:

“When you were born, you cried and the people rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die… You rejoice and the people cry.”

I am crying, Preston. Much love - Eustace


I am sorry and sadden to learn about the loss of Preston. I came to know Preston and Eustace from watching Mountain Men on the History Channel. I never met Preston but he was the kind of person I would be proud to call my Friend; an honest, trust-worthy, and peaceful man. Preston reminds me of Dan Blocker, “Hoss”, from the old TV-show Bonanza. Preston like Dan Blocker possessed a gentle and kind soul. Preston was Blessed by God, Touched by Jesus, and Filled with the Holy Spirit. My deepest sympathy. May God Bless, Kathleen, Eustace, and the Roberts Family.

So sorry for your loss. We have been dedicated watchers for many years. Both my wife and I were socked to learn of the passing of Preston. I have a friend 45years that passed recently and I can feel you loss. I have another friend of 50 years and I would really feel his loss when it happens. In todays world friendship are very important. We have a place outside Jefferson City on Cherokee Lake. I believe that is not too far from you. I would love to meet you just once. Best wishes and keep doing the show. We both love all of you on God bless

though i've never met either preston or eustace,some how i consider them friends.i live alone in the woods and whenever i would see them on tv i would feel as though i was right there with them doing all those cool things they were doing.they brought me so much happines in times that weren't so happy.i would watch mountain men reruns over any thing else that was on,and yes that was to see preston and eustace in action.when i heard about preston i felt as if i had lost a wasn't till now that i could even think of the words to say.god bless his wife.preston will always live on in peoples heart.yes,there were actually 2 last american men.peace be with all of you.robin

My heart goes out to you, Eustice, and Kathleen and the Roberts family. My heart sunk when I found out that Preston had passed. Though I have never met any of you, I feel as though I know you all, and have developed a sense of camaraderie with you all, valuing the similarities and also the quality of character that you and Preston have always shown. I know your heart is broken, and you are grieving. My prayers go out for you all that God comforts you in your loss and grief. God bless.

Dear Kathleen and Eustace,

Oh what sad news. My heartfelt empathy, sympathy and good wishes go out for now and always to those who really knew him. And from what we saw of him on the TV, Preston was one of life's true diamonds: A no-nonsense, hard-working, fun-loving, wonderful, warm hearted person. I was truly saddened, and shared some of your pain when I learnt of his passing. I am not too proud in the least to admit to a some tears when I first realised (I am in the London, England and so I am a little behind when it comes to keeping up with Turtle Island).

I have grown to love and respect Preston and Eustace's part of the show, most importantly the way you two worked together and the reasons for being at Turtle Island (living in nature).

There are no words which will ease the pain of such a loss, but he will be forever with you in your hearts, and I hope that way his memory will forever live on.

What a wonderful, wonderful man - and that's just from the very little we were introduced to him on the TV - in real life I can only imagine the goodness and quality in his character.

With love and respect from the other side of the pond,

Iwan x

Stumbling upon your beautiful world through the great (spider) web, I was so moved by your life's work and am sorry to hear of your recent loss. May you find your friend is not too far away, but all around you and free of time.

I'm so sorry for you loss. I'm a 53 yo nurse been married for long time. I have never missed an episode of mountain men. I do have to say turtle island is my favorite, I grew up in slc and loved the mountains. What you and Preston have done is epic beyond my imagination. I would love to come visit and be a part of you life time experience. It's breathtaking to me. May you continue on you beautiful journey. Let me know what I need to do to visit this magical place on gods green earth.

Although I didn't personally know Preston, I felt as though I had lost a friend, when I saw the "in memory of" after an episode of Mountain Men. I sat in my living room and cried like a baby. After reading an article about his passing, and the kind, loving, and wonderful man he was, my cries turned into sobs. My condolences to Kathleen and her family, as well as to Eustace and all who were lucky enough to know and love him.

That was beautifully written and I love the picture. Sorry to hear of Preston's passing. He was always so calm on the show, and helped his friend Eustace in every adventure and job to be done on Mountain Men. I will miss him, I know his friends and family will too. God bless

We have lost an extridonarty mountain man we are so sad that he is no longer in our lives and we grieve for this loss. He leaves a wonderful legacy and he is at peace.

Dear Kathleen and Eustace,

I am sorry to learn about the passing on of your dearest friend, Preston. Rest assured his legacy will never die and his kind and courageous spirit will be with you always. There are some folk God strategically places in our life journey that we will never forget and always remember. His legacy will live through you. I suggest you name one of your many gardens, Preston's Place. RIP Preston and thank you for all that you gave to this life journey.

Stay Gold Eustace and Kathleen. God Bless you always.

I'm so sorry for your loss he will be missed more than anyone knows head up keep strong u guys are one of my favorite on the show take care buddy

Dear Eustace and Kathleen, just numb from the news as I'm sure you are still. Preston was such a good man, friend, husband, giver .hank you for sharing him with the world. God has a bigger plan for us all and when it is our time, we must put aside our chores on this earth for a special place with God in heaven. Know that you are loved Kathleen and Eustace and know that you are wished great things in the days to come. My heart is broken for you. God Bless You

So So Sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and Prayers are with you all. Preston will be deeply missed !!

How shocked and sad we were to hear of Preston's sudden passing. I'll never forget the sound of his voice as the truck went crashing down the mountain. Such a good soul. I can't imagine the sadness at Turtle Island....we live close in Knoxville, will try and visit your place soon. RIP Preston.

Thank you for sharing your friend's story. Grateful that you both were there for each other for so many years. Me and my husband have enjoyed watching your friendship on the show and hoped we could make it to your workshops one day. RIP Preston

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