Farewell Brother Preston Roberts

We wish there were a different reason for this message. We wish we could walk away from writing it. And yet, we are humbled and honored to know just how many hearts this sad news will break, for it speaks to the power a single good man can have in this world. 

On July 24th, 2017 at 3:30pm, Preston James Roberts passed peacefully away in the arms of his wife Kathleen, surrounded by family and loved ones. Preston had a large inoperable tumor on his liver that obstructed the flow of blood and oxygen to his organs and body. The change was rapid and outpaced any treatment -- just three weeks ago he was teaching at Boys Camp. While the suddenness of his departure is shocking, we draw some consolation from the fact that his last days were full of family and friends instead of drawn-out suffering.

There is no replacing a human life, and the specialness of Preston as teacher, mentor, builder, friend, artist, elder, inspiration, dancer, leader, and solid rock foundation leaves a chasm in our community. Preston was as practical as he was creative, and over any abyss he would find a way to build a bridge whose quality was matched only by its beauty. He lived for summer camp, and his life and spirit are infused all over Turtle Island, in the buildings, the ceremonies, the land, and the misty mountain air itself. Help us build a bridge and honor his life by ensuring that Turtle Island camps continue far into the future, whether that means lighting a candle on December 24th, sponsoring a camper, or lending a hand in one of the many building projects Preston had planned for the upcoming year.

Preston's family is currently planning burial and memorial services, and we will reach out with more information as it develops. In the meantime, please consider supporting Preston's family in their time of grief.

We leave you with Preston's words from this past year's holiday message to campers:

"It's cold this morning, the sun is just peeking its head above the mountain. I wonder what it is like at Morning Watch this morning? I wish I was there, this moment, curled in a thick wool blanket, watching the light, birds, and in my minds eye I am there, with you and the others that have carried your stone and placed it in that sacred circle of stones. In my minds eye I can sail through the trees, past the tree-house, classroom, the gazebo and your shoes, over the patch on the barn roof, over the spot we plan to build a traditional carpentry shop, sweeping high into the cold air alongside a raven, looking at the place we love below and wishing for it to continue forever..."

Much love, indescribable gratitude, and, as always, still learning...


One doesnt have to meet someone or personally know someone to know a good person when the see them.The mountains will never forget you and you are forever now a part of them.You will be missed by all.

I'm so sorry to read about Mr. Roberts. He will be missed on the show to everyone's life he touched. RIP Preston

Just learned of "our great loss". I so enjoyed seeing him and Eustace planning how to solve situations on
Turtle Island. I will pray for his family and friends. This hurts as if I knew him. May God hold him in His
loving hands.

I am very sorry to hear of Preston passing. he was a big part of the tv program mountain men. he will be missed. everytime NC comes on I will first think where is Preston, I am sure that Eustace will miss his friend and helper

Our hearts are still hurting for your loss of Preston. Just finished watching a new Mountain Man episode.The two of you represented not only a wonderful friendship but True brotherly love and a wholesome innocence that seems missing today. The world felt better with Preston in it.

i have watched you and preston working together on mountain men for sometime now. it seemed that you two were great friends. i am truly sorry for the loss of such an amazing person and what i have seen on tv i am sure pales in comparison to the real life experience of knowing him. he will be missed and i will miss watching a team working together and doing so as if they shared thoughts.

We too are so sorry for the families loss, also Eaustace's loss. It seems like he had a great amount of friends. Let them comfort you. He was a Godly man which showed through on the show. I pray he didn't suffer too much or too long. He was too young to be taken from all those that loved him and from all of us that looked forward to watching him each week. Let Gods love comfort your spirits. We wish the family all the best. Keep his memory alive as long as you can find ways to.

I have watched the programme since it started and I was shocked today as I watched an episode that Preston had passed over, I am watching it here in the U.K. And to me he seemed to be a really nice , honest, and descent chap, rest in peace Preston.

I have watched the show mountain man from the UK for the last few seasons, I just watched an episode which I had recorded, only to see the "in Loving Memory" at the end of the show, so I googled Preston and found this site. I would just like to say how sorry I am to hear or Preston's passing. God Bless.

I'm shocked and saddened by the news. Rest well Mr. Roberts.
From a big fan and admirer in Ireland

Late to this news, very sad to here, I enjoy watching preston and the rest of the mountain men in the UK, he and Eustace are inspirational people and I hope to continue watching his plans for turtle island come to fruition.

RIP Preston, Peace and love to his family and friends xx

Arr so sad..Just watched the show dedicated to him. I like so many others from the UK enjoyed watching Preston and Eustace have their adventures on Mountain Men. After watching the show for so long i feel like i have lost a friend as well..hope that doesnt sound to silly.:) My kindest regards to his friends and family. Oh and Eustace if you could call out his name now again when you are alone in that beautiful country side just to let the critters know that them crazy mountain men are off on another adventure. :) ty take care.

We love watching mountain men, and Preston will be sadly missed.
He and Houstice was a major part of why we watched this programm.
Sleep well our friend love to your family and friends.

we are sorry and shocked by his passing. he will truly be missed.

So sad to learn of Preston's passing. I only knew of him in watching he and Eustace on the History Channel. He was a wise man and I learned so much from watching him. Many prayers to his family and friends, a loss that will be felt by everyone. God Bless.

I'm am sorry with all my heart about the news of Preston. He will be missed and the knowledge he passed will live on. Rest in peace Mountain Man I will miss your calm voice on the show.Prayers are with you Mrs. Roberts, family, friends and Eustace.

Sad to hear of Preston's passing. I truly enjoyed watching him on Mountain Men. He will be sincerely missed.

Gutted to hear this lived watching him and Eustace work together and the ideas they comet up eight to silver a problem RIP Preston

Gutted to hear this loved watching him and Eustace work together and the ideas they come up with to solve a problem RIP Preston god bless

Eustace, so sorry for the loss of your best friend and partner. I Know he would want you to carry on what y'all have created at turtle island. Take comfort knowing your brother is always with you

My condolences to Preston's family and Eustace.

From Rotherham in South Yorkshire - UK, I viewed with admiration the skills and love that were put into Preston & Eustace's 'activities' on Mountain Men. Sadly missed.

So sorry to hear of Preston's death. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam.

I was very sad to hear the news of Perston's passing. He along with Eustace were one of my favorites. The show will not be the same with out him. I will keep him in my prayers.

They don't make them like him anymore. Both of those guys are great. Condolences ...& Rip brother.

I am deeply saddened by your loss. I enjoyed the show immensely and was always awed by the vast knowledge Preston possessed. Rarely can someone's gentleness of spirit and pure goodness come through television, but both his and Eustace's spirits shone through the medium of television. I can't imagine the depth of your loss. I will your family, friends and Turtle Island in my prayers God bless your family.

Just watched episode 13 of Mountain Men here in the UK. Saw the end plate telling of Preston's death and wanted to say how sorry and sad I am for his family and friends - especially Eustace. I've always been a great lover of the outdoor life, the old ways of living and the ingenuity of talented people like Preston. Thank you for your life. I will miss you on screen.

From NE Mountains of Washington State , we want to say how sorry we are to just discover this loss. We will be in prayer for Preston's family, Eustace, and the outdoor school.

I cannot believe Preston has gone to The Father, but I have the fondest of memories seeing him and Eustace in many shows and on this blog-always together. My daughter and I have learned so much from the two of them, and I know in my heart that his spirit walks the land of Turtle Island. Our sincere condolences to his wife, and family, which includes Eustace and all of the Turtle Island family. Just try to remember that he is never gone or forgotten, and his presence is everywhere within the Turtle Island and all of us.

I just found out about Preston's passing. I am so sorry for his family and friends. I always enjoyed watching Preston Roberts with Eustace on Mountain Men. He was a quiet, strong presence that will be missed. My fathers name was Preston and I have noticed that man with that name are always strong and unique. My condolences to your family.

Eustance I am so sorry for your loss ,you and Preston are my favourite mountain men I will miss him


My son and I watch "Mountain Men" in Ireland. I just finished watching S6, ep13 & at the end is Prestons dedication. I am so saddened to hear about his death. He seemed like such a nice man with a gentle spirit. He is missed.
Kindest Regards & Condolences,
Jessica & Ethan

Very sorry to hear of Preston’s passing may he Rest In Peace. To his family and Eustace be strong and think of the happy moments you shared. God bless sharon ireland

We were deeply saddened by Preston's passing. We have followed Preston and Eustice here in the Uk for a couple of years and felt we actually knew them. It was really shocking to see after a recent episode that Preston was no longer with us. Rest well old friend from your friends Barney and Sue in the UK

I am reading this in school and I am hiding my eyes because I am crying.

So sorry to learn of the passing of your very good friend.

So very sorry to just learn of Preston's passing. I only knew him from mountain man. I loved watching him and Eustace. Rest innpeace.

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Preston, my heart goes out to his family and his friend Eustace. Just know that he is in a better place.

Just found out after last nights Mountain Men episode Preston had gone on to God’s Wonderland to continue his education. Wasn’t hard to tell the bond friendship and respect Eustace and Preston had for each other. You’ll be missed sadly Preston by your friends up here in Canada also because the tv show just won’t be the same without you. I’m confident Eustace and Turtle Island won’t be the same either although Preston will always be watching over and beaming down his positive energy God Bless Family and friends and Rest In Ultimate Peace Preston.

So sad to hear of Preston’s passing after tonight’s episode of Mountain Men (Nov5/17). This is me and my husband’s favourite Sunday nIght tv to watch. Preston will surely be missed, and the segments at Turtle Island will not be the same. From up here in Canada, our condolences and may God comfort all who are mourning an amazing man.

So sorry about your loss he will be greatly missed by all. I enjoy the show it will be different with out him.


My heart was broken when i saw this on mountain men.

My heart goes out to family and friends with the passing of Preston. I can’t help but think God needed him in Heaven for some type of project that only he was capable of completing. I hope my prayers will help family and friends hold fast to the many special moments you have had with Preston Roberts.

I have so enjoyed the friendship between Preston and Eustice on the Mountain Men show. Preston was a unique inspiration and will be missed greatly I am sure. Listen for him in the mountain winds!

Preston, rest in peace. God bless family and friends.

I just found out about James passing. The two of you were a well syncronized team on the show. May he rest in peace. Life is short and we must live it to the fullest. ..

I was catching up on last season when l saw the tribute, l am so sorry for your lost, I always looked for episodes you two good old boys were in

See, You on the Other Side- Brother--Missing You...................

May his soul rest in peace, its a grew loss to the whole world, I am a Zimbabwean staying in RSA I am up to today still watching the documentary, its very educative and yet entertaining, sorry fo your loss the Roberts family and Eustace keep the torch going don't give up , its bad to loose such a close friend, god bless


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