Farewell Brother Preston Roberts

We wish there were a different reason for this message. We wish we could walk away from writing it. And yet, we are humbled and honored to know just how many hearts this sad news will break, for it speaks to the power a single good man can have in this world. 

On July 24th, 2017 at 3:30pm, Preston James Roberts passed peacefully away in the arms of his wife Kathleen, surrounded by family and loved ones. Preston had a large inoperable tumor on his liver that obstructed the flow of blood and oxygen to his organs and body. The change was rapid and outpaced any treatment -- just three weeks ago he was teaching at Boys Camp. While the suddenness of his departure is shocking, we draw some consolation from the fact that his last days were full of family and friends instead of drawn-out suffering.

There is no replacing a human life, and the specialness of Preston as teacher, mentor, builder, friend, artist, elder, inspiration, dancer, leader, and solid rock foundation leaves a chasm in our community. Preston was as practical as he was creative, and over any abyss he would find a way to build a bridge whose quality was matched only by its beauty. He lived for summer camp, and his life and spirit are infused all over Turtle Island, in the buildings, the ceremonies, the land, and the misty mountain air itself. Help us build a bridge and honor his life by ensuring that Turtle Island camps continue far into the future, whether that means lighting a candle on December 24th, sponsoring a camper, or lending a hand in one of the many building projects Preston had planned for the upcoming year.

Preston's family is currently planning burial and memorial services, and we will reach out with more information as it develops. In the meantime, please consider supporting Preston's family in their time of grief.

We leave you with Preston's words from this past year's holiday message to campers:

"It's cold this morning, the sun is just peeking its head above the mountain. I wonder what it is like at Morning Watch this morning? I wish I was there, this moment, curled in a thick wool blanket, watching the light, birds, and in my minds eye I am there, with you and the others that have carried your stone and placed it in that sacred circle of stones. In my minds eye I can sail through the trees, past the tree-house, classroom, the gazebo and your shoes, over the patch on the barn roof, over the spot we plan to build a traditional carpentry shop, sweeping high into the cold air alongside a raven, looking at the place we love below and wishing for it to continue forever..."

Much love, indescribable gratitude, and, as always, still learning...


My deep felt condolences to the Roberts Family. For years I enjoyed watching Eustace and Preston show their crafts and lifestyle for the people on history channel. Being a police officer from up north I always said man these gentlemen work hard! I should not complain about any medial tasks. You will be missed Preston I enjoyed your comforting voice of reason. God bless

Shocked and saddened by your loss. My prayers are with you all at this time.
Living in Scotland its amazing how you feel attached to individuals you have never met but have enjoyed their small part in your own life thru a tv show of all things. That is a good measure of the man in my book. He will be sorely missed.

I am saddened to hear Preston passed away. He was such a gentle, soft spoken Man. The show will not be same without him. He & Eustace made a great team,always striving to do their best.

I have watched every show of Mountain Men Preston will be missed by everyone that followed. My condolences go out to his family and Eustace. My heart hurts for y'all.

I am shocked and saddened after watching a recorded episode of Mountain Men to learn that Preston passed away.....he was such a kind, loving soul who appreciated the simple things in life....we will miss seeing him at Turtle Island....msy his family find peace and may Eustice find solace in the happy memories

What a man! I always admired him. RIP. You certainly left a high mark on this earth.

RIP Preston. Such a sad turn, loved watching his friendship with Eustace. He seemed to be such a kind and gentle soul. Man, tough loss for all. Thoughts and healing vibes to his family and friends.

May the legacy he instilled be bestowed upon all those who have gained from it! He was an intelligent human being who was so so admired for living the simple life the way most should. Dedicated to the cause!

I intended to express my condolences to Preston's family and Eustace but, after reading some comments, I want to add my condolences to those, who like me, never personally met Preston but felt as if we knew him. He had the gift of reaching through the television and touching people.
Kathleen and Eustace, loosing a loved one is difficult at best but time seems to heal all things. Preston may be gone but he will never be forgotten! Courage.

I was so sorry to hear of Preston's passing. I send my condolences to his family and to his best friend Eustace. We will miss seeing him helping Eustace, but know that he is not suffering. We thank him and Eustace for all they have brought to the people at Turtle Island. God bless you all.

Rest in peace you sweet angel. I loved you from the day you appeared on the show with Eustice. God bless your family and us all that loved you. You were a kind soul. My your wings spread wide and you protect us all

Gods Speed Mr. Preston..... It's strange for me to feel such loss for a man that I've only had the pleasure to watch on a TV show. But, you Sir are not the average man of today! You are extraordinary in this time... for you and Eustace have an amazing down to earth grasp of life this day and age. I only wish that I were as incite full at a young age as the two of you must have been. To only have listened more and talked less would've made me a much wiser man... I consider it an honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to see you on TV before you received your heavenly reward! Again, God Speed My Brother.... Rest in eternal peace!

as a minister of the Gospel i truly am grateful the FULL life Preston Roberts lived and lives still. i will miss watching he and Eustace on the show, and pray Eustace knows the way to continue in this thing called life. Preston Roberts, a life WELL LIVED. God speed and bless your family especially!!!!

What a treasure to have been able to see that some of the good ones still remain. Your a treasure and your words are a breath of fresh air straight from the mountain. RIP!

This news hurts my heart. I will pray for Prestons family and friends.

We had not been able to watch Mountain Men in several weeks and were so sorry to learn of Peston's passing. Since we live just over the mountain in Tennessee we loved to listen to him and Eustace work thru problems. Preston was a calming spirit. I am sure Eustace feels a part of himself has been lost. May God provide comfort to his family and his Mountain Men family alike. Thoughts and prayers.

So sorry for Preston's family we watch show Eustace and Preston were our favorites on show we will miss him I know GOD does these things in his time Just as I lost my mom last year To Preston's family keep your faith He is no longer in pain and watching over all of you also Eustace I consider you in the family May GOD bless all Amen

Reading this with great shock, deepest sympathy from Ireland.

RIH my friend you will truly be missed I will miss seeing you on TV

I'm so sorry to hear of Mr. Roberts passing.

Prayers to the family, ad well as not seeing him on the TV show, I so much enjoyed that show, especially, my home state... Mar-Lee..Maxton, NC

Prayers to the family, as well as not seeing him on the TV show, I so much enjoyed that show, especially, my home state... Mar-Lee..Maxton, NC

We are big fans of Mountain men and especially of Eustace and Preston. We were shocked and sad to hear that Preston passed away. We will miss him a lot. Our condolences to his family
From Dublin Ireland

I too will miss you, sir, and Love You All the More!

So sad to hear of the passage of such a wonderful man, but find peace knowing he will always be keeping watch over Turtle Island.

I am so sad to hear about Preston, & still in shock. I just found out about his passing & never dreamed he was so sick. He was such a kind & gentle spirit throughout his time on Mountain Man. I know Eustace is also lost without him as well, because they were like brothers. Always together repairing things, planting, and creating the sawmill & so many other wonderful things you dont get to see that often. You 2 were my favorites on Mountain Man and old Tom Oar. You have touched the lives of so many in a good way for which I am grateful. May God be with you Preston high up on that Mountain, & you as well Eustace our prayers are with you peace and comfort. And may the Lord send his Angels of Peace for Preston's family. You will be missed more than words can say.

A great man gone too soon. Heaven has gained a great teacher.

My most sincere regrets and condolences go to his close friends and beloved family. I believe he will be remembered. I didn't know him personally(only from TV), but I will remember Preston.

He will be sorely missed... by many.. We truly enjoyed watching the antics of Eustace and Preston.. but glad he didn't suffer long.. my deepest sympathies to his family and friends..

Shocked, I am a big fan of Mountain Men, I watch it almost every week at the end of the show I was watched on August 10,2017 I saw In Memory of Preston Roberts I could not believe my eyes . I am so sorry for the lost of this wonderful man. My heart is sadden I am so sorry for his family and friends and to all that loved and knew him from the show. It will not be the same without him .Eustace, I will miss him and you together you two seemed to be the best of buddies. I will miss you two working together but will still watch the show I think Preston would want that. God Bless all of you..

I only know Preston from watching Mountain Men but am so deeply saddened by losing him.I loved watching him and Eustace working together and you can see the love between the two. I am so sorry for his family and friends especially Eustace. May you Rest In Peace Preston and know that so many people, even ones that never met you, are going to miss you.

So sorry for your lost and condolences to his family and friends. I only knew him through Mountain Men. I will mess seeing him on TV. May he rest in peace!!!

Am so sorry to hear about Preston passing away, he was a part of Mountain Men that I'll continue to watch, he'll b missed.

Preston will be missed

Heartbreaking news. A wonderful kind soul taken too soon from this world. Prayers and condolences to all Preston's family and friends.

Eustace,Family,&Friends. I was devastated to hear of your loss.Enjoyed ALL I learned from both of you.God Bless You All,Preston is now with OUR LORD.

So sorry for the loss of Preston. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family.
He will be missed.

So shocked and very saddened by the loss of Mr. Preston Roberts. I am a huge fan of the show and by watching the show I know just how loved and missed he will be. A true friend indeed that Eustace could always call on. I just saw last Thursday show and began to cry when I saw they had dedicated the show to him. With deepest sympathy and condolence you will forever be missed. R.I.H Mr. Roberts

Prayers up most high for Strength & Healing for his family & friends. May Prestons' spirit soar with the eagles.

"Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you,
and the storms their energy,
while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."

—John Muir

A real shock to learn of the passing of a most remarkable man. Preston Roberts was truly gifted in so many ways. Watching him on TV gave me a greater appreciation of what life is about.
To his family - may you be comforted in knowing that he lived a good life.

Preston will be missed. He was so gifted in the ways of our ancestors, and I know he was the best of friends to all who knew and loved him. Rest peacefully Preston you will be remembered and found again in every misty mountain morning.

We loved watching Preston and Eustace.Prestonsburg was a special man and we will miss him.

So very sorry to hear that Preston has passed on. Our sympathy to all who loved and knew him. We are thankful to him for having shared bits and pieces of his life and knowledge through the TV program. His gental nature was calming to our otherwise hectic lives. Thank you Prston... RIP sweet soul... you will always be fondly remembered.

My deepest sympathies and prayers to the family and friends of Preston. My heart is broken to learn of his passing. May he rest peacefully in the arms of God, may we find peace in our memories of him, and may we honor his legacy in all that we do.

I've watched Preston for several years on TV. I was so impressed with his gentle way and his knowledge. So impressed that it convinced my wife and I that we should look for a retirement home in North Carolina near Boone. Turtle Island is just outside of Boone and we figured that the people in that area must be honest and hard working souls who care about their fellow man. We flew out there 8 months ago and fell in love with the land, the people and the entire culture. We bought a home in the mountains not far from Turtle Island. I had hoped to meet Preston in the next year as we travel there periodically to enjoy the home. I had also hoped to have him make me a custom knife. I'm still thrilled that I'll be able to retire there, but I'll also miss Preston and wish I could have met him. Eustice, you have my deepest sympathy. To his family, I will pray for you and please know that Preston made an impact on millions of people including me. His legacy will live on.

My sincere condolences to Preston's family and friends, In this fast paced gizmo filled world its so very refreshing to know that places like Turtle Island exist with people like Eustace, Preston and staff who work hard,respect nature,live right and are willing to teach others, we hope to visit someday, R.I.P Mr. Roberts you will be sorely missed

Big Fan: One of God's special people that has inspired and touched many, many lives by just being himself!

My condolences to the Preston family including Eustace.Even though he is no longer with us in the physical world he's still with us all in our hearts and thoughts. Carry on Eustace! Preston wouldn't want it any other way. May God bless all of you

Omg so shocked to hear, very sad we will miss watching him
Prayers for his family


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