Farewell Brother Preston Roberts

We wish there were a different reason for this message. We wish we could walk away from writing it. And yet, we are humbled and honored to know just how many hearts this sad news will break, for it speaks to the power a single good man can have in this world. 

On July 24th, 2017 at 3:30pm, Preston James Roberts passed peacefully away in the arms of his wife Kathleen, surrounded by family and loved ones. Preston had a large inoperable tumor on his liver that obstructed the flow of blood and oxygen to his organs and body. The change was rapid and outpaced any treatment -- just three weeks ago he was teaching at Boys Camp. While the suddenness of his departure is shocking, we draw some consolation from the fact that his last days were full of family and friends instead of drawn-out suffering.

There is no replacing a human life, and the specialness of Preston as teacher, mentor, builder, friend, artist, elder, inspiration, dancer, leader, and solid rock foundation leaves a chasm in our community. Preston was as practical as he was creative, and over any abyss he would find a way to build a bridge whose quality was matched only by its beauty. He lived for summer camp, and his life and spirit are infused all over Turtle Island, in the buildings, the ceremonies, the land, and the misty mountain air itself. Help us build a bridge and honor his life by ensuring that Turtle Island camps continue far into the future, whether that means lighting a candle on December 24th, sponsoring a camper, or lending a hand in one of the many building projects Preston had planned for the upcoming year.

Preston's family is currently planning burial and memorial services, and we will reach out with more information as it develops. In the meantime, please consider supporting Preston's family in their time of grief.

We leave you with Preston's words from this past year's holiday message to campers:

"It's cold this morning, the sun is just peeking its head above the mountain. I wonder what it is like at Morning Watch this morning? I wish I was there, this moment, curled in a thick wool blanket, watching the light, birds, and in my minds eye I am there, with you and the others that have carried your stone and placed it in that sacred circle of stones. In my minds eye I can sail through the trees, past the tree-house, classroom, the gazebo and your shoes, over the patch on the barn roof, over the spot we plan to build a traditional carpentry shop, sweeping high into the cold air alongside a raven, looking at the place we love below and wishing for it to continue forever..."

Much love, indescribable gratitude, and, as always, still learning...


My heart is filled with joy at having been able to see Preston even if only on tv. It was apparent he had a deep love and respect for all things and a gentle nature. He will be missed by so many he never met. May Gods love be with you in this time of unimaginable sorrow.

I am so saddened by the loss of Preston.
I will always remember Preston's voice. It was so calming and his explanation of what the two of you were doing made it easy to understand. I really will miss him on the show. May God bless his family.

Preston, you will be truly missed. May God
Watch over your family and may God Bless Eustace and his family.

Preston, you will be truly missed. May God
Watch over your family and may God Bless Eustace and his family.

What a beautiful tribute for Preston and what beautiful words he wrote. In watching the show, I always enjoyed the exchange between him and Eustace and I will miss it in future programs. My condolences to all that really knew him and to his family and to Eustace. He will be missed by all.

So sorry for your loss, Preston was one of my favorite mountain men.

Mountain Men will not be the same.Preston was one of my favorites on the show.I can only think that he has already started to build a Turtle island in heaven.God bless

I live in a small town in Mississippi.Goinh to miss Preston . I only know him from tv my prayers arewith

Prayers for your family.

God Bless Preston's family and Eustice. I just read the details of Preston's passing. I was shocked that he has went to be with the Lord at such a young age. I remember the episode when he has his wife, kids and grandchild on show . What a wonderful sensitive man. I know eustice is devastated, his best friend for years but his wife and kids are the ones who will be grieving for many months, I pray for peace and the knowledge that Preston is in the presence of the Lord. God Bless. family and friends.

Words can not describe how my and i feel of Preston's passing. We have watch every episode of Mountain Man and loved it when Preston was on. Even though he was mot portrayed as a main character, he was what made the show great. My wife and I pray for peace over his family and Eustace as well. Good bye Preston.

We love watching the show and the way you are living, we have a saw mill that looks like the one you have and would love to give it to you .

I was raised in the foothills of Appalachia where I have left and soon returned. I enjoyed watching Preston on television because he was one of us he talked like us and lived like us not just some fake celebrity trying to make a paycheck being something there not. That being said he come into my own and me and my young son watched and felt like he was family. I don't have words to describe the way it makes me feel for his family to left without such a man. I am sure he raised his sons to carry on being the southern gentleman he was. The last time a man passsd away that I had never met but but felt as though we were family was when we lost Dale Earnhardt I would rank the shock and hurt the same. I pray God takes care of the Roberts family and mends a wound only he can heal. I will miss you Mr. Roberts.

Thank You, Creator for such an amazing example of your craftsmanship and unending favor. Take your rest dear brother.

We were sad to hear the news of Preston, no words can say how we all feel,we loved watching him,we will pray for your family!

My Thoughts and prayers go out to the Roberts family and also Eustace. I really enjoyed watching the two of you on Mountain Men and i learned a few things seeing Eustace and Preston doing stuff like building a canoe and then take it down the river to go deliver it to the buyer. RIP PRESTON

I was so shocked to have read the news of Preston's passing. First I want to send out our condolences to the Robert's family as well as to Eustace & the Turtle Island folks. We got to meet Preston & Eustace at Turtle Island about 3 yrs ago . I will always remember how Preston came right up and started talking to us like we were old friends making us feel welcome ( as well as did Eustace ) . I ask Preston, haven't I seen you on TV's Mountain Men ? And he humbly looked down and said, yeah I may have been on there a time or two. I was so impressed that being on TV hadn't changed this Mountain man one bit. He was so knowledgeable, yet down to earth and welcoming. Our thoughts and prayers are will you all. God bless you during this difficult time.

It is with heavy heart that I extend my most sincere condolences to the Preston Roberts family, Eustace and his friends. He will be so dearly missed by many as we enjoyed watching him on Mountain Men and learning how to live together in this wonderful place we call earth. May God bless us all.

I have been a fan from day one.My prayers go out to the Roberts Family.We will miss him with all of our hearts

Godspeed Mr.Roberts.
You left your mark on generations of people throughout your lifetime and will be fondly remembered by them,as well as those of us that knew you through Mountain Men.
It's rare when one person can have such an impact on the lives of so many.
God bless you and your family.

I have loved watching Mountain Men. My favorite part has always been with Eustace and Preston. Preston's calm, gentle, talented and fast friendship with Eustace has always been endearing to me. My heart goes out to his family and friends. With the way the world is today it was encouraging to see such a precious man helping a friend. God bless each of his family and his dear friend Eustace. I will always miss seeing him on this great program.

We very sad to hear about Preston god bless you and his family our prayers go out to you all! We love the show and have watched it for a long time, we have a saw mill that looks a lot like yours and would love to give it to you, where we know it will be used , my husband got it in a trade and he set it up and ran it a few times , it was just something he wanted to try but he doesn't have the time to really use it so as we trying to figure out what to do with it you came to mind and we would love it to be put to work and used for a good cause we could not think of a better one than you.my email kmm00626@yahoo.com please get a hold of us we are not joking about this.

My husband and I were deeply saddened by the news of Preston Roberts passing. We only knew of him through the show, 'Mountain Men'. His gentle demeanor, knowledge of the woods and spiritual soul somehow transcended the fact that we never met him. He shone through.

Eustace and Preston where the true Mountain Men. Gonna miss you on the show more than you will know. I know a lot of hearts broke on that sad July day.. God bless ..

Condolences to Prestons family.

I have watched mountain men from the beginning and always enjoyed watching Preston and Eustace work "the way it used to be". I extend my Christian sympathy to the Roberts family during this time of sorrow and loss. May his lessons and wisdom he bestowed on to others last for generations. I sure know I picked up a thing or two. He was someone that I wish i could've met to pick his brain for a while. God bless

I will miss Preston Roberts,our heavy hearts go out to his family and Eustace Conway

So sorry to hear of Preston's passing love to watch Mountain Men Eustis and Preston.Prayers to family and friends.

So sorry for the lost of Preston my synpathy goes to his family and friend rip brother

To all the Roberts Family, Mr. Conway, production crew Thank You for sharing Preston's life with us all. I don't care much for TV, i really think it's a waste of time for mankind but every now and then a gem comes around that shines bright in my eyes. It was an absolute delight to see how Eustace and Preston despite the odds could conquer all their arduous tasks every episode and I don't know for some reason it struck a chord with me, perhaps it was glimpse of yesteryear and my grandfather's times when he knew how to do just about anything with the right tool or simply a time when a man was a man as God had created and no was trying to convince you otherwise. Mountain Men is a testimony to me that even in these times real men can still truly be free of this nightmare man has created for himself. Seeing of course just a small part of how you live your lives is immensely reassuring to my psyche and I hope to one day join you all in breaking free of "modern" society's chains. Godspeed and may all your memories bring you comfort.

Rest In Peace kind soul.

This is such a shock. Prayers to Preston's family and Eustace.

I'm a big fan of the show as well as my Husband. We were shocked to see Preston's tribute at the end of Mountain Men. He will be very missed. We loved watching him and Eustace invent new things, work on projects, and blow up stuff. It won't ever be the same without Preston. He always made me laugh, as they both did. I'm so sorry to his family and all who knew him personally. Especially Eustace. It would be such a void to lose a great friend like that. Few of us meet someone that genuine to go through life right beside us like Preston did with you. I feel very sad for you and his family. My heart is with you Eustace and Preston's family as well. I wish I could help in some way, but money wise, I'm very poor. I wish I could ease all of everyone's pain. As you have written, there is no replacing a human being, especially such a good and genuine man like Preston. I admire him and all of you on the show. I wish I could say I've lived such a full life like Preston did. I admire him for all he's done to help others too. My Husband mentioned that Preston never appeared ill, that's why we were so shocked to see he had passed. Some people just keep living life to the fullest all the way up to the end. They are strong and hide feeling bad very well. I admire that as well and hope that it can somewhat comfort you all that Preston's life was happy and a very full. His spirit will be with you in nature and in everything he has been a part of. He will still be right beside Eustace and his family whether he can be seen or not. My deepest condolences to all who knew Preston. He will be greatly missed.

Sorry to hear the passing of Preston. He was a great inspiration to me and I learned a from him with his Great skills. RIP. My heart goes out to his family and Eustace.

Sorry to hear the passing of Preston. He was a great inspiration to me and I learned a lot from him with his Great skills. RIP. My heart goes out to his family and Eustace.

Sorry to hear of Preston's passing, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, he will be truly missed.

We're so sorry to hear of Preston's passing. We love "Mountain Men" and so enjoy listening and watching his and Eustace's conversations, how they work so well together. We'll miss him. A big part of the show will be missing. Prayers to your family.

The loss of Preston was such a shock and I am very saddened for his wife, sons, Eustace, all of his family and friends, and even his fans. . I only knew him thru my TV but he always impressed me as a knowledgeable, kind and giving man. From everything I've heard and read, I was right. God bless all whose life he touched. RIP Preston...you will be missed.

Rest in peace you will be missed

I am in tears over the unexpected loss of this genuinely good man. He and Eustace were my favorites on the "Mountain Men" series and I will truly miss not seeing him in new episodes. God bless his family who I'm sure are devastated if my own heart is breaking.

I loved watching the friendship shared with Preston, and vice-versa. It is difficult for people nowadays to understand the special relationship that two MEN share. Fortunately, Preston and Eustice will continue to educate people as to what men are supposed to be. Solid, self-sufficient, loving and caring. My condolences to all of Preston's friends and family.

So shocked to hear of Preston's passing. I only knew him through television but recognized him as a deeply compassionate, gentle, spiritual soul.
The world has lost a genuine Mountain of a Man. Live on in glory, Preston!

Wow, I too only saw that he passed at the end of the last episode of Mountain Men. What a great guy he seemed to be, I enjoyed seeing him on the episodes. There's a lot of people passing around me lately and this hits me hard too. It's not fun growing old folks. We lose many family and friends regularly. However, we at least keep the memories of those who do good and leave great impressions on our lives. These things live on, forever.

I am so saddened by this news. Preston was a great contributor to the show. I loved watching Preston as he was the perfect partner with Eustace. They complimented each other so well with their knowledge and strength. RIP.

Preston brought a known passion for mountain living and loyalty of friendship and love for his family brought to us by the Mountain men episodes, it is through Gods grace he is on to another place now, still teaching and educating us all on the great outdoors. You will be missed dear friend.

Preston brought a known passion for mountain living and loyalty of friendship and love for his family brought to us by the Mountain men episodes, it is through Gods grace he is on to another place now, still teaching and educating us all on the great outdoors. You will be missed dear friend.

Even though I only knew Preston thru Mountain Men, I feel sadness in this great loss. My heart goes out to his family and to the Turtle Island family.

It saddened me as I just found out today that Preston Roberts has passed away. I so looked forward to see what him and Eustace
Was up to on each episode of Mountain Men,he seemed like a nice person to be around & very knowledgeable to. RIP Preston Roberts your presence on the show will definitely be missed more than he would ever know. My condolences go out to his family & friends.

My deepest condolences on the loss of preston.. I am a avid watcher of mountain men and always looked forward to seeing Eustace and p reston the most... May God bless Eustace and Preston family in this trying time.

Preston was a very special man - although I only knew him through the television show you could just tell that he was "real and genuine" - kinda the same as Bob Harte from "The Last Alaskans". They will be greatly missed. God bless to Preston's family and to Eustace.


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