Donations and Fund Raising Considerations

Eustace holding a donated camp sign "5 Tips to Fundraise Sustainably"



Turtle Island’s mission stands to guide people through experiences with the natural world to enhance their appreciation and respect for life. Through dedication to value and ethics of renewable life practices, we encourage others to partake in and practice sustainability. In order to provide for generations to come, we instill this value in Turtle Island’s visitors and supporters.

Contributions of any size that are made to Turtle Island are well appreciated and valued. It is because of these donations that we are able to offer scholarships and discounts to underprivileged families and allow continued access to our preserve. We encourage our wonderful supporters to advocate for Turtle Island in the same way we maintainour preserve: through sustainable efforts and methods.

To foster sustainable fundraising efforts in the Turtle Island community, utilize these tips to ensure environmental preservation.

  1. Find the Right Product: Ensure that fundraising endeavors are sustainable from the start with an environmentally-friendly product. Traditional fundraisers involving the sales of candy bars, cookies, or magazines (or any product that requires wrapping paper, for that matter)  are not environmentally-friendly fundraising ideas. Many companies serve as excellent “green” fundraiser resources, and produce goods that aren’t harmful to the planet. Great eco-friendly fundraisers include organic and fair-trade coffee, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, or flower bulbs.

  2. Utilize Reusable Shopping Bags: Whether selling goods or using bags for transport, be sure that your bags are reusable. Plastic bags can take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to decompose, and can be deadly to animals (such as birds, turtles, and other sea animals). Reusable shopping bags have a lifespan equal to over 700 plastic bags, and are saferto the world in which we live.

  3. Utilize an Online Registration Platform: When creating a fundraiser, organize it with an online platform made for nonprofit events. By eliminating the need for hard-copy invitations, we can cut the demand for paper products. Digital registration is even easier than invitations or flyers, and can be accomplished in minutes!

  4. Consider a “Consignment Style” Fundraiser: Organize an event that encourages others to reuse old items. Garage sales, book drives, or thrift stores are all great fundraising opportunities to motivate others to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Encourage other community members to participate in this event, and donate their unwanted goods to the cause. Donated goods can be recycled and resold for new purposes.

  5. Serve Food Buffet Style: If you’re planning on providing food at your fundraising event, go buffet style! Rather than plated-food or à la carte, this method results in the least amount of food waste; and it also encourages others to take only what they plan on eating. Buffet-style food also serves as the easiest method for donating food at the end of the event. Instead of throwing out extra food at the end of the fundraiser, bring it to your local soup kitchen to help those in need.

To make contributions to Turtle Island Preserve, visit our donation page!

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