a recent video of Eustace and Preston on the river

Recently Wahoos Adventures sponsored a volunteer appreciation day on the river. Check out the video:



Absolutely heart warming!

Glad to see you folks taking a break from all your hard work. Looked like lots of fun.

That looked like a really fun experience! I'm so glad you all had a chance to finally relax and take a breath before the next go-round of campers.

Good article in the Gaston Lifestyles Magazine, Eustace, and the website links are great. Sort of takes me back to Camp Sequoia, about 1950 & 51. Keep up the work & if you come to Gastonia, do look me up. Best wishes, Tom Watson PS What's for dinner tonight?

This is a message for Eustace Conway if anyone has or can be in touch with him let him know I want to come up there and work I can show him some things about arboriculture you know cutting trees down and bucking logs and he can show me things about saw mills and how to live off the land I'd like to talk to him so Preston and Eustace call me if you're interested

To the previous comment I live in south Louisiana and I love the Blue Ridge Mountains if y'all are interested make a comment and I'll keep it a point to read the comments every day

I will take a year and come up there and work I have a home in south Louisiana I can that and pay my mortgage truck note and insurance and come up there and live for one year I have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Bobby - if you'd like to come volunteer, give us a call (828) 265-2267

God be with you brother bear. Seek friendship with the tall man of the forest. May he protect and guide you.

God be with you brother bear. Mary the tall man of the forest protect and guide you.

I am a 60 yr old disabled veteran and my wife and I loved watching you on mountain men and on youtube. We wish you the best with Turtle island and hope to visit soon.

Man, you have my respect. I won't lie. I thought wow, what a hillbilly, until I did my due diligence. I was just watching an episode of Mountain Men. I saw the where you killed the deer and paid respect. That sealed the deal. I'm part Chalktaw.

And thank you auto correct for that disrespect. Smh

I think Eustace is spot on as far as the government goes. Wish I knew this place existed a long time ago...I would have totally love to learn more before I had kids. Watching mountain men I always wondered why or if Eustace ever was married. He's def. My kind of man :-)

Dear Montain Men. You are a great inspiration to me.
Soon I'll be in your area riding my motorcycle, if you need a working hand I'll be glad to help you for a few days. at this point in life my first dream is to learn and experience the Montain first hand, then I'll be able to know if the montain can be my friend/life/home, that is the second part of my dream.
Wishing you all the best!
Leo Giacchetti

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