The Big Spring Event

FLT LOGO 2015Our annual spring fundraiser “Families Learning Together”  is set for Sunday May 3, this year. Come out for this rare chance to promote sustainable and natural living through learning earth skills from a range of instructors including Eustace Conway and Preston Roberts from Mountain Men! The event is hosted on our beautiful wooded campus.

Click HERE to see photos and video of this year's educators and demonstrators

This is your chance to return to nature and connect with our living farm, community organizations, craftsmen and teachers. While enjoying live mountain music, see examples of solar and water power systems, historic building practices, and join in on classes and demonstrations in food, blacksmithing, wood working, knife craft, blade sharpening, plant foraging, and many more. Visitors will learn through experience with a hands-on approach to an alternative way of life.

The event sold out last year. We expect 800+ participants this year. This outdoor, rain or shine fundraiser will benefit our scholarship program to help more families bring their children outdoors. This family-oriented event theme is sustainable lifestyle practices with a focus on agriculture and forest education. 

You will get to see, hear, taste, touch and feel things here that you just won't get to experience anywhere else! Join us for this important event. Buy your tcikets HERE


I am a flint knapper and was invited to demonstrate at this event by Jim, the cedar box maker and he said to email you which I did on the 17th so you can send me what information I need to know. He called me on the 17th and told me he got me in so I am really looking forward to coming and sharing but need to know all information. Please check my email that is from Jeremiah and Bobbi We have some friends who want to know how to go about getting tickets

I love the kind of life that you also love Eustace !. I live in Argentina, South America, and here in these lands lived gauchos on the pampas, freedom-loving and living in harmony with Mother Earth. The gauchos, like the cowboys in your country, learned a lot from our indigenous, very wise people, to whom the "modern" machine crushed his culture in many cases. At one point, where the life of our planet is in danger, and is a complete reality, and must be rescued these philosophical values of so-called Indians (now, originaries) to exploit natural resources wisely, and the llast one, not necessarily It is acquired in Universities. I live in the province of Cordoba Argentina, surrounded by beautiful mountains, but not with such beautiful forests on your land that I have the pleasure of see in History Channel "mountain men". I find all fabulous characters. I congratulate you aand the other mountain men", I share your lifestyle, keep it up. I hope you have resolved the problem with your land. I extend a big hug and a warm hello to your family. I'll see you in the next chapter of History Ch .. Forever !. Fernando

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