Farewell to a Fine Friend

Every once in a while, a truly unique and luminous person finds their way into our lives. In this case, we want to honor and remember our beloved friend Peck Garner. Peck was more than a regular neighbor. He was more than a drummer, gardener, astronomer, home-brewer and town doctor. He was a true friend. This past December, Peck made his transition from the realm of the living, out to the great unknown. We miss him terribly still. 

This past year before being claimed by the skin cancer, he himself as a dermatologist had saved so many patients from; Peck was able to shine like a true friend by hosting Eustace and friends to several viewings of the season two Mountain Men show AND pay a final homage to Turtle Island by crafting a superior home brewed milk stout with his sons - in homage to Eustace's fondness for that variety. 

The Turtle Island Milk Stout, or as some jokingly refer to it as "Turtle Milk" was then chosen and sponsored by our very own local hometown craft brewers


Appalachian Mountain Brewery - in honor of Peck and Turtle Island Together.

We raise our glass to you Peck! What a colorful and amazing life you led. We are so grateful for all the many good works you did in so many lives. 


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